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Sticks the Badger meets Mega Man X. (This is really happening.) 

December 12, 2014 10:52 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  2 Comments

As expected, the upcoming “Worlds Unite” crossover will expand beyond the main SONIC and MEGA MAN adaptations. In addition, the recent SONIC BOOM universe will be joining the cast, as well as the world of MEGA MAN X. And, well, I think the image speaks for itself at just how amazing this is going to be. Head on over to IGN for the full scoop!


October 7, 2014 4:02 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  8 Comments

That headline is in all caps because this is a BIG DEAL.

While full details will be revealed at the upcoming New York Comic Con, Archie has gone ahead and spilled the beans a bit early. After the huge success of 2013′s 12-part Sonic & Mega Man crossover, “Worlds Collide,” it was a no-brainer that we’d see the two blue heroes unite once more. And unite they will in next year’s “WORLDS UNITE” event.

“That historic crossover storyline changed the comic book worlds of Sega and Capcom’s iconic video game characters forever, but now an even bigger event is on the horizon. You saw what happened when worlds collided, now see what happens when Words Unite! And this time, no universe will be safe…” -Paul Kaminski

I don’t know about you, but that sounds an awful lot like a hint that this crossover will expand beyond the “Classic” series mythos and dive into the other iterations of Mega Man, such as the X, Legends, and Battle Network series. And who knows? Maybe some other adaptations of Sonic will be explored as well, such as the three DiC continuities, Sonic X, and (even better)… the upcoming Sonic Boom.

Check out the promotional image (above) in all its Patrick Spaziantey glory, and head to Polygon for the full scoop. And also stay tuned for more details when New York Comic Con hits in two days!

Archie announces New York Comic Con plans, including a convention exclusive for MEGA MAN #41! 

September 28, 2014 3:55 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  0 Comments

New York Comic Con is only two weeks away, and as usual, Archie Comics is making sure you have plenty to do, especially if you’re a fan of Mega Man! Right outta the gate, you’ll be able to attend the Archie Action Hour panel and hear the latest news about SONIC and MEGA MAN from the creators themselves: Archie Comics president MIKE PELLERITO, executive director of editorial PAUL KAMINSKI, assistant editor VINCENT LOVALLO, and fan-favorite artists RYAN JAMPOLE, BEN HUNZEKER, JENNIFER HERNANDEZ, JAMAL PEPPERS, and JONATHAN GRAY!

On top of that, Archie will be giving away CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE variants for the most recent issues of Sonic and Mega Man, specifically issues #265 and #41 (respectively). This year, the covers have a common theme: our heroes attending Comic Con!

Head to Comic Book Resources to see the covers in all their glory. For those who can’t attend the event, you can pick up the standard editions of MEGA MAN #41 this Wednesday, October 1st.

MEGA MAN #42 is getting a SUPER SMASH BROS. variant. 

July 16, 2014 8:31 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  9 Comments

Everybody, stop talking. This is important.

The October 2014 solicitations and covers have been posted on Midtown Comics, and MEGA MAN #42 is getting an epic 3D variant cover—by Rafa Knight, of course—based on Mega Man’s upcoming appearances in the ridiculously anticipated Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

But wait! There’s more! Sonic is also playable in this game, and his dark-furred rival Shadow will be appearing as an Assist Trophy. So, surely, they should be getting in on the action too, right? RIGHT! SONIC UNIVERSE #69 and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #266 are also getting Smash Bros. variants, and to top it all off, the three covers connect together to form one totally bad-ass image. CHECK THEM OUT!

Archie Comics and Capcom-Unity are throwing another FAN-ART CONTEST, and this time… it’s MEGA MAN X style! Plus… are you missing the latest issue? Here’s the scoop. 

April 16, 2014 5:49 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  7 Comments

We have news of a brand-spankin’ new fan-art contest, not unlike the Rock of Ages contest thrown last year! Except this time, the task is to create a work of art depicting Mega Man X and his world! Think you’re up for the task? Click the image above for full contest details, including some mighty fine prizes for the winners! You got until July 1st to get your entries in, so get to gettin’!

In other news… many have been asking where Mega Man #35 is. After all, it’s been available digitally since 3/19! For whatever reason, the issue received an exceptional delay, but it is officially showing up in comics shops around the country today. I personally received my own subscription copy from Archie Comics last week, so you should be able to find it everywhere now.

So, what’s that mean for #36, which is street dated for today as well? The issue went up for sale digitally on Archie’s iVerse store this morning, and currently, its street date has been pushed back to next week (4/23). Of course, if previous releases are any indication, this is tentative. As for the “why?” Beats me, kids.

Comics Alliance previews MEGA MAN #37. 

March 24, 2014 4:47 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  15 Comments

Although the highly-anticipated MEGA MAN / MEGA MAN X crossover is still two months away, Comics Alliance has a preview of the interior artwork by Jamal Peppers. There aren’t any new details on the actual contents of the crossover, but from the images, we see that X and Zero are working together to apprehend some human criminals, while in another time, Mega Man is in the desert with Bright Man and Pharaoh Man.

Check them our yourself here.

Covers and solicitations revealed for MEGA MAN #38, the second part of the DAWN OF X crossover! 

March 19, 2014 7:21 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  9 Comments

The second part of the epic MEGA MAN X crossover has been revealed with listings on Midtown Comics. It looks like Xander Payne will find himself skipping through time to Mega Man X’s world. How will the ruthless leader of Emerald Spears react to robots waging war against humanity? The issue also features an epic group variant by Ben Bates with several characters from both universes, including some cameos of fan-favorites that we won’t be seeing for a while…

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jamal Peppers & Various (CA) Patrick Spaz Spaziante
Release Date: 6/18/2014

The epic Mega Man/Mega Man X crossover event continues in ‘Dawn of X,’ part 2! We travel one hundred years into Mega Man’s future, where an ancient Wily weapon threatens all defenseless humans! It’s up to X and Zero to combat the lumbering metal monstrosity! Meanwhile, Emerald Spears terrorist-on-the-run Xander Payne tumbles through time-and sees something that will change him forever! Featuring brand new cover art from Patrick ‘Spaz’ Spaziante and an extra special character-packed variant cover from Ben Bates!

Midtown Comics Listings: Regular Cover / Variant Cover

Hardcover Sonic/Mega Man: WORLDS COLLIDE Super Deluxe Edition listing shows up on Amazon. 

March 5, 2014 9:49 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  7 Comments

It’s been seven months since WORLDS COLLIDE wrapped up, and the second trade paperback (of three) compiling the adventure is now out. But, if you haven’t picked up any of them yet, you may want to hold off. Coming later this year—November, to be exact—the entire 12-issue SONIC crossover will be published in a single hardcover deluxe edition!

Two versions of this collection have cropped up on Amazon: a standard edition, and a special limited edition. Details are scarce on what makes the limited edition so much better than the standard (as both are listed as hardcover), with the only clue being the page counts: 320 versus 336. (Interestingly enough, both page counts are noticeably high for 12 issues which would run to about 250 pages.)

But, whichever version you want… you better start saving your pennies now. The standard edition retails at $50, while the limited edition version is a hefty $80! Definitely a stark difference from the usual TPBs that run about 12 bucks.

This is all the info we have for now, but as more surfaces (likely from Archie’s own announcements), I’ll keep you posted. Big thanks to TheFatPanda for the news tip!

AFTER THE CREDITS MONTH brings alternate endings to SONIC and MEGA MAN comics in May. 

March 2, 2014 6:11 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  6 Comments

When we first heard the solicitation for MEGA MAN #36, we were all scratching our heads at this curious sentence: “Plus, be sure to pick up both regular and variant editions to read both SHOCKING ‘post-credits’ alternate endings!”

Courtesy of Comics Alliance, we now have our answer. All of Archie’s video-game comics being published in May will feature different endings in their variant issues. In the past, variant issues have always been identical on the inside, only featuring unique covers, so this will give readers more incentive to purchase both versions. But, while Comics Alliance has a sneak peek at some of the artwork that will encompass these alternate endings (including a cryptic shot of Mega Man’s tattered helmet), we’re still a little unclear on what these endings will entail.

Fortunately, Ian Flynn has taken to the BumbleKing forums to offer some additional details.

To be clear: Each version is the same from pages one to nineteen. Page Twenty will change depending on which issue you get. Each ending will be canon, but the story arc will be concluded the same in each issue. You will not need to buy both to finish the arc you were already invested in.

So, what do you think? Will you be buying both variants? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Zero’s are red, X’s are blue, here’s a terrifying variant cover of Sigma and Vile to steal your Valentine’s candy from you. 

February 14, 2014 6:18 pm  |  Author: Steven Chase  |  19 Comments

Today, Game Informer has revealed a truly terrifying painted variant cover for MEGA MAN #37, set to release this May. The beautifully scary painted cover was done by Erik Ly and features Sigma and Vile, ready to steal your lunch money. CHECK IT OUT!

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