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This is the nineteenth issue of Mega Man and the first stand-alone story in the series. It is also the first issue to focus primarily on Roll, the first issue to feature an environmental danger rather than an actual antagonist, and the first issue to be drawn by Ryan Jampole.


Official Solicitation


'Roll With It.'
We all know how big a hero Mega Man is, but the same heroic (robotic) heart beats in his sister Roll as well! A terrible storm puts a cruise ship in danger, and Roll is the first robot on the scene! So move over Mega Man, because the girls have got this one covered! Guest starring Quake Woman and Splash Woman!


Brief Synopsis


Roll, Kalinka, and Tempo are enjoying a warm day at the beach when a storm rolls in. The storm brings a cruise ship drifting too close to the shore, causing it to begin sinking. With Mega Man tied up at the lab having an upgrade installed, Roll and Quake Woman leap into action to save the people aboard the cruise ship. Rush, Oil Man, and Splash Woman also assist.


SUMMARY — "Roll With It"


It's a beautiful day at the beach! Roll and Kalinka are happily splashing around, tossing a beach ball back and forth, while Tempo watches from the sidelines. Roll asks if she's still damaged from the events of Mega Man #16, but she assures Roll that she's fine. Dr. LaLinde recently re-installed her emotional programming, so she's undergoing a bit of "recalibration" to get back to herself.

Unfortunately for the girls, a storm rolls in and puts a damper on their parade. As they're packing up, they oversee a cruise ship drifting too close to the shore. Brushing up against a reef, the cruise ship starts to tip over! Roll immediately phones home and gets Oil Man on the line. Dr. Light and Dr. LaLinde are in the process of upgrading Mega Man's legs to give him a new "slide" ability. In fact, they're so absorbed in their work that they completely ignore Oil Man! Getting an idea, Oil Man tells Roll to hang tight and disconnects the call.

Frustrated, Roll decides on a Plan B. Summoning Rush through a radio receiver in her head, he quickly teleports to the scene. It's up to Roll and Tempo to go help with the impending shipwreck! Roll tells Kalinka to have her father pick her up and has Tempo "armor up" into Quake Woman. Tempo is initially a little reluctant at the idea of falling into the ocean, but she suits up regardless. Using Rush Jet, they glide over the ship deck and help release jammed life rafts.

While Quake Woman is reaching for one over a railing, she slips and falls into the water. Sinking, she begins to panic, being reminded of how it felt to be buried under debris during the excavation accident in her past. However she is quickly rescued by a mysterious new Robot Master. Resembling a mermaid, Splash Woman has arrived! Oil Man decided to activate her although she wasn't set for deployment so she can help with the relief efforts.

Quake Woman is notably shaken up from falling into the water, but she tries to pull herself together. With Splash Woman and Oil Man here, Roll and Quake Woman return to the shore to help emergency crews that are setting up. Meanwhile, Splash Woman jumps back into the water to rescue any passengers that have fallen overboard, and Oil Man uses his Oil Slider to glide along the waves and sap up the oil that is spilling from the ship's hull.

Back on shore, Roll and Quake Woman meet Warren Goodlife, the chief of the emergency crew. Roll and Quake Woman get to work setting up tents without missing a beat.

Meanwhile, Mega Man's upgrades are complete. Dr. LaLinde is concerned with the girls being out in the storms, so Dr. Light decides to flip the TV on to check the forecast. But what they find is much worse: a newscast of the horrible shipwreck with video footage of everyone working to rescue them!

The storm is finally settling and it appears everyone has been recovered except for the captain of the ship. Oil Man found him in the cabin, however he's unconscious, and thanks to all of the fuel Oil Man has sapped up, he's too heavy to surf back to shore. And of course, a robot can't teleport a human. With Splash Woman tied up with bringing in the remaining passengers to shore, it seems like Oil Man and the captain are running out of time!

Quake Woman realizes she has to act. Borrowing Rush, she jets back over to the ship and burrows through the cabin wall with her drill to recover the unconscious captain. Later that night, things have settled down. Roll speaks with Warren and the ship captain where she is praised for her efforts, not just for rescuing the people involved, but for keeping the environment safe in the process. She showed amazing leadership qualities and is dubbed the "hero" for today.

Suddenly, Mega Man and the others arrive on the scene to continue stroking Roll's ego. Dr. Light tries to take Roll back home to get her cleaned up, but she decides to stay and continue with the relief efforts.

Mega Man joins in too and jokes that Roll may be leaving the lab after her heroic deeds today. While Roll isn't ready to do such a thing, she does mention that there may be a future for her beyond a simple housemaid, possibly as a nurse.


SUMMARY — Short Circuits ("Melancholic Masters")


Let's take a peek into a session of Robot Group Therapy. Crash Man and Fire Man are resenting the fact they don't have hands, Flash Man is still trying to cope with his lack of hair, and Bomb Man? Well... look at him.


Trivia & Fun-Facts


  • Thomas did several concept sketches before the editors settled on what we got. All the covers had the same general theme: girls rule, boys drool. (I personally liked the first shot that featured a love-struck Ice Man in the background.) You can check them out to the right or read about them at his blog.

  • This issue is the series's first stand-alone issue. In other words, it does not belong to a multi-issue story arc.

  • The tagline along the top of the cover ("MEGA-ACTION! MEGA-ADVENTURE! MEGA-FUN!") is absent from this issue. This issue is also the first issue to add a countdown to the crossover event with Sonic the Hedgehog that starts in Mega Man #24.

  • Although depicted in her usual red dress on the cover, Roll does not wear it throughout the story. The captain of the cruise ship also looks completely different on the cover, sporting a full beard, darker hair, different clothes, and lacks the anchor tattoo on his right forearm.

  • On page 5, we see Dr. Light and Dr. LaLinde hard at work constructing Mega Man's new slide function. This is an ability Mega Man first used in Mega Man 3. This is appropriate timing since this is the next game the comic is expected to adapt, and several other elements from this game have been already slowly trickled in (Proto Man, Rush, and the game's eight Robot Masters).

    But the best part about this reference is Dr. Light's comment: "I just don't understand why it stops working at modes nine and ten." This is an allusion to Mega Man 9 and 10 where Mega Man loses the ability to slide for no apparent reason.

  • On page 9, Quake Woman is reaching for a life raft with her drill (which is on her right arm). After slipping, her drill is on her left arm as she falls toward the water.

  • On page 10, there's a boy in the background with the same hairstyle as Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Jampole is an Avatar fan, so this is probably not a coincidence.

  • On page 14, Quake Woman mentions that her serial number is LMN-001 ("LaLinde Machine Number").

  • On that same page, there's a boy in the bottom-right panel that looks an awful lot like Archie.

  • On page 16, there's a boy in the background with the roman numeral "III" on his shirt. Could this be another reference to Mega Man 3 ?

  • While it's mostly obscured by the speech bubbles, you can still see that the ship captain has an anchor tattooed on his right forearm on page 19.

  • In the background of page 20, you can see a Kattelox police officer standing beside what-looks-like a miscolored Ripot.

  • Page 21 features a mention of next month's issue. In the digital version of this issue, the text incorrectly labels the celebration as Mega Man's 20th anniversary instead of his 25th.

  • There's a framed drawing on the wall in this month's "Short Circuits". Do you recognize it? It's the title card from the American Mega Man cartoon (by Ruby Spears). (Image here.)

  • The Master-Works section in this issue features a piece by a pretty awesome guy. (Hint: It's me.)


Preview Pages



  • Street Date: 11/14/2012

Pencils Chad Thomas
Inks Gary Martin
Colors Matt Herms
   Main Story Credits
Writer Ian Flynn
Pencils Ryan Jampole
Inks Gary Martin
Colors Matt Herms
Letters John Workman
Editor/Executive Director of Editorial Paul Kaminski
Assistant Editor Vincent Lovallo
Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick
President Mike Pellerito
Special Thanks
Brian Oliveira at Capcom Licensing, Tobita Eimi
   Short Circuits Credits
Script Ian Flynn
Pencils Ryan Jampole
Inks Kent Archer
Colors Vincent Lovallo

This is a list of every databank entry in the order in which they appear throughout the book. You can click a heading to re-arrange the list. A star () indicates that this is the first book in which this databank entry has appeared.

   "Roll With It"
Type Name Pg
Locale Beach 01
Char Roll 01
Rbt Mstr Tempo/Quake Woman 01
Char Kalinka 01
Locale Light Labs 04
Rbt Mstr Oil Man 04
Char Dr. Light 04
Char Auto 04
Char Mega Man 04
Char Dr. LaLinde 04
Char Rush 05
Support Rush Jet 07
Rbt Mstr Splash Woman 09
Weapon Oil Slider 10
Weapon Laser Trident 12
Char Warren Goodlife 13
Char Chun-Li 14
Char Cruise Ship Captain 16
Weapon Quake Drill 17
Char City Police 19
   Short Circuits - "Melancholic Masters"
Type Name Pg
Rbt Mstr Crash Man 23
Rbt Mstr Fire Man 23
Rbt Mstr Flash Man 23
Rbt Mstr Bomb Man 23

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