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Kindred Spirits (Part 3 of 4)

This is the two-hundred forty-eighth issue of Sonic the Hedgehog, the third part of the 12-part "When Worlds Collide" crossover, and the third part of the 4-part "Kindred Spirits" story arc.


Official Solicitation


'When Worlds Collide,' Part 3 of 12.
It's Sonic versus Mega Man — Round One! The fight that every fan of both the Blue Blur and Blue Bomber has been waiting for is here at last, and it looks like Sonic's got the hometeam advantage! Can Mega Man cope with the Blue Blur in a land of loops? Meanwhile, Dr. Wily is concerned his old rival might cause problems, which sets Dr. Eggman's sites on Dr. Light! Don't miss a moment of this historic crossover event as the heroic fights and evil friendships rage on! Continues in this month's Mega Man #25!


Brief Synopsis


Sonic and Mega Man are pitted against each other, and neither one of them is willing to let up. Sonic believes Mega Man is nothing more than one of Dr. Eggman's badniks while Mega Man assumes Sonic is a rebellious robot sent by Dr. Wily. Meanwhile, Proto Man returns to Light Labs and delivers some data he took during the fight with the Roboticized Masters. Dr. Light concludes that something is awry with the time-space field and is able to replicate the effects of the Warp Ring. Mega Man takes this opportunity to lure Sonic through and back to Mega City. Now that Mega Man has the homefield advantage, he summons back-up from Rush, Tango, Beat, and Eddie.


SUMMARY — "No Holds Barred"


It's Sonic versus Mega Man—ROUND ONE! Sonic is quick to attack, talking about how many robots he's smashed in the Green Hill Zone. Mega Man pushes him away, unable to understand what Sonic is talking about. However he's convinced there is a malfunction in his programming, because although this creature seems organic, there's no way anything alive can be that fast! He also assumes Dr. Wily created Sonic and that he was probably suffering from bad coding.

Overhead, Tails Man is transmitting the battle back to Drs. Eggman and Wily from within their Wily Egg. As they celebrate, the Roboticized Masters enter and deliver the grey Chaos Emerald (recovered from a bank in Mega City). This means six of the seven Chaos Emeralds have been collected by the mad doctors, and another "team" is out retrieving the last one.

Back to the battle, both combatants are wearing down, realizing the other is far stronger than anyone they've ever faced before. However Sonic realizes he has the home-field advantage. Using a loop-de-loop to gain momentum, he tackles Mega Man and uses springboards to bounce around the arena. Sonic overpowers Mega Man, but he strikes him with a surprise punch and they separate. Mega Man realizes the battle against the Roboticized Masters left his energy drained.

Meanwhile at the Light Labs, Auto and Dr. Light are trying to locate Mega Man after he entered the Warp Ring. Proto Man teleports in and delivers a flash drive containing readings he collected during his battle with the Roboticized Masters. Roll urges Proto Man to let her repair him. Proto Man shows some obvious hesitation letting anyone toy around with him (still garnering a fear of having his personality and essence altered), but he caves.

Dr. Light begins researching the data in combination with some findings Time Man had provided him with his work at the Chronos Institute. There are some fluctations in energy balances throughout the world that may have a correlation with several cases of amnesia and memory loss that have been reported. Dr. Light deduces that there is something amiss in space-time. With some skill (and maybe a bit of luck), Dr. Light is able to replicate the Warp Ring portal. Dr. Light fears something very big is going on, so he sends out a distress call to Duo.

In the Green Hill Zone, Sonic rushes Mega Man and is able to remove a chip from his arm, completely disabling his buster. Things look grim for Mega Man when he suddenly notices the Warp Ring portal. Mega Man feigns an escape so Sonic will lunge at him, grabbing the hedgehog and pulling him through the portal with him. Tails Man quickly rushes in and Dr. Wily realizes that Dr. Light must be interfering. Realizing he must be dealt with, Bass and Metal Sonic are sent to take care of him.

Mega Man and Sonic fall out of the Warp Ring and land in Mega City. Sonic is immediately shocked to see a world where humans and robots are peacefully co-existing. But Mega Man doesn't let him sight-see for long. Instead, he summons some help from afar. Rush, Tango, Beat, and Eddie transport to his side. The tides have turned... and Sonic is in trouble!


SUMMARY — Off Panel ("Failed Concept 2")


Continuing last issue's theme of "Eggman and Wily Failed Concepts," Dr. Eggman decides to install the Mega Buster into Metal Sonic's abdomen. The resulting blast sends Metal Sonic rocketing out of control.


Trivia & Fun-Facts


  • The drawing of Bass and Shadow on the variant cover was first shown way back in July 2012 when Kotaku interviewed Ian Flynn. The background (minus the sky) is done in a 16-bit pixel-art style and depicts the opening stage from Mega Man 7. This is a fitting choice; Bass makes his first ever appearance at the end of this stage. (See a screenshot of the opening stage here.)

  • Although he appears on the variant cover, Shadow (in his non-robotic form) does not appear in this issue.

  • This issue features several appearances, mentions, and allusions to characters, locations, events, and other concepts from both universes that are not seen in this issue or—in some cases—have not been seen in the Mega Man comics to date.

    • On page 4, Mega Man recalls how Dr. Wily has created defiant robots in the past, specifically alluding to Bass. This is a reference to Mega Man & Bass.

    • On page 9, Sonic compares Mega Man to Badniks and Gizoids.

    • On that same page, Mega Man compares Sonic to Quick Man and Nitro Man, the latter being a speedy Robot Master from Mega Man 10 that hasn't been seen in the comics yet.

    • On page 12, we see Tango for the first time. Tango is a robotic cat created by Dr. Light and introduced in Mega Man 5 (Game Boy). Tango is also seen rubbing along Proto Man's legs on page 13, a possible allusion to the bond the two share in Mega Man Megamix.

    • On page 14, Dr. Light mentions Time Man and research he is doing at the Chronos Institute. Mega Man #20 opens with Dr. Wily having taken over the institute. Time Man's damaged remains can be seen in the background of the splash page. It's possible this will connect to a future story that will offer more details for these events.

    • On page 15, Dr. Light mentions Duo, a robot from space that is introduced in Mega Man 8. He has not yet been formally introduced into the comic, but his damaged remains cameo in Mega Man #20.

    • On page 19 when Sonic arrives at Mega City, he wonders if he's in Station Square, Central City, or Westopolis. These are primary locations in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Shadow the Hedgehog respectively.

    • On page 21, we see Beat for the first time. Beat is a robotic bird given to Mega Man by Dr. Cossack in Mega Man 5. We also see Eddie; he has not been formally introduced but made a cameo in Mega Man #20.

  • On page 6, Dr. Wily mentions that Sonic has a big advantage over Mega Man because he is covered in spikes. This is a reference to Mega Man's infamous weakness to spikes. (In most games, spikes will defeat Mega Man in a single hit.)

  • On page 19, we see two robots that were first seen on page 3 of Mega Man #18 when Blues is walking around town.

  • In what is seemingly becoming a running gag, Dr. Wily's outfit is slightly different in this issue's Off Panel, this time sporting a black undershirt instead of the usual white.


Preview Pages



  • Street Date: 05/01/2013

   Regular Cover
Pencils & Inks Patrick Spaziante
Colors Matt Herms
   Rival Variant Cover
Pencils & Inks Patrick Spaziante
Colors Thomas Mason
Background Sprites Ryan Jampole
Vincent Lovallo
   Main Story Credits
Writer Ian Flynn
Pencils Jamal Peppers
Inks Jim Amash
Colors Matt Herms
Letters John Workman
Editor/Executive Director of Editorial Paul Kaminski
Assistant Editor Vincent Lovallo
Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick
President Mike Pellerito
Special Thanks
Anthony Gaccione, Cindy Chau, Character Business and Licensing Dept. of SEGA Corporation, Brian Oliveira at Capcom Licensing, and Tobita Eimi
   Off Panel Credits
Script Ian Flynn
Pencils Lamar Wells
Inks Jonathan Gray
Colors Aleah Baker

This is a list of every databank entry in the order in which they appear throughout the book. You can click a heading to re-arrange the list. A star () indicates that this is the first book in which this databank entry has appeared.

   "No Holds Barred"
Type Name Pg
Locale Green Hill Zone 01
Char Mega Man 01
Weapon Mega Buster 01
Char Sonic 01
Char Metal Sonic 03
Char Bass 03
Char Dr. Wily 03
Rbt Mstr Tails Man 04
Locale Wily Egg 04
Char Dr. Eggman 04
Char Cubot 05
Enemy Mettaur 05
Char Orbot 05
Rbt Mstr Knuckles Man 06
Rbt Mstr Shadow Man (EWN003) 06
Item Chaos Emerald 06
Rbt Mstr Rose Woman 06
Locale Light Labs 11
Char Roll 11
Char Tango 11
Char Dr. Light 11
Char Auto 11
Char Proto Man 11
Weapons Proto Shield 11
Item Warp Ring 13
Locale Mega City 18
Enemy Blader 18
Char Rush 20
Char Beat 20
Char Eddie 20
   Off Panel
Type Name Pg
Char Dr. Eggman 21
Char Metal Sonic 21
Char Dr. Wily 21
   Only appears on the cover(s)
Type Name Cover
Char Shadow Variant

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