(UPDATED) Break Man hits the scene in Mega Man #23! 

November 17, 2012 11:33 am  |  Author: Steven Chase

UPDATE 11/25/12: First Comic News has posted Archie’s February 2013 solicitations. Now we know that Ryan Jampole will be returning to handle the interiors for the fifth time. I don’t know about you… but one issue in, and I’m already loving this Jampole-a-thon!

UPDATE 11/20/12: Unleash the Fanboy has a better look at the cover here. While we’re still waiting to see who’s handling the interiors, the higher-res image reveals that, in addition to Matt Herms on colors, Rick Bryant handled the cover’s inks while Jamal Peppers did the pencils.

Dr. Wily has been pretty quiet since his formidable army was formed in the Lanfront Ruins, but that’s about to change this March. While Mega Man is trying to celebrate his birthday, Dr. Wily decides to crash that party… and he’s bringing a guest!

(W) Ian Flynn
(A) Gary Martin & Various
(CA) Matt Herms & Various
‘For the Bot Who Has Everything.’ Happy Birthday, Mega Man! The city celebrates their hero in style and Rock receives the recognition he deserves! What could ruin such a perfect day? How about a vengeful Dr. Wily and the mysterious Break Man?! Don’t miss this issue on the eve of the Sonic/Mega Man crossover!”

No word yet on who’s handling the interiors, but I’ll update with that information as soon as Archie posts their solicitations in the coming weeks.

(Fun-Fact: This totally epic cover was originally conceptualized by Patrick Spaziante to be used for issue #8. I personally always hated that the idea got scrapped, so I’m glad to see it reworked for this issue! Check out the original concept version here!)

News Source: Midtown Comics – MEGA MAN #23


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    • Robert Whitaker on    [REPLY]

      So does that mean Proto man will not appear again until issue 23

      • Steven Chase on    [REPLY]

        ‘Seems like the case, but I wouldn’t be so sure…

        According to the Editorial Column in issue #19, next month is going to be full of cameos. We may get to see Proto Man in some form then. And if it makes you feel any better, we’re gonna have a 12-part story arc with the Sonic crossover that Proto Man is playing a part in.

        So while we may have to wait a while to get some meaty Proto Man action, we’ll have a full plate once it arrives. :)

    • Robert Whitaker on    [REPLY]

      Oh well. At least we have this awesome cover to hold us over.

      I hope Rock and Blues get to meet this time. I was a little disappointed with issue 18. The cover showed them both yet Rock wasn’t even in the issue.

      • Steven Chase on    [REPLY]

        Well, Rock did make a quick cameo, but it was recycled art from issue 8. And yeah, I’ve heard that from a lot of people. Both 17 and 18 were misleading in that respect… Not only them being together on the covers, but also Blues as Proto Man at all (an identity and appearance he has not yet donned).

        But then again, the covers have always been a little “abstract” as far back as issue 6 (which showed Bomb Man fighting CWU-01P instead of Ice Man)… Especially issue 16, which had absolutely nothing to do with the story inside.

    • So they’ll be starting the MM3 plotline soon? I do hope so. Plus having Rock and Blues interact would be nice to see anyway since the MM3 game was never finished completely. Maybe they’ll actually expand on Shadowman’s backstory too (one of my fav Robot Masters).

      • Glenn Santiago on    [REPLY]

        I HOPE we get the Mega Man 3 plotline soon.
        I mean, seriously, we’ve gotten
        -First 2 games
        -2 important story arcs
        -Four months of what seems like filler
        -A friggin’ 12-part epic (4 more months)
        After that, if we don’t get Mega Man 3, I’ll just explode.

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